Seems my error was (not in dict) that I should have been doing 

put the ID of the topstack into tWindowID
go to cardOrStackObject in window id tWindowID

Well I've been tinkering testing this for two days… made the mistake of making 
too many changes, then threw out that branch… went back to a working branch and 
start just toggling between this

   --    go  cardOrStackObject  # e.g   go "gems" (or this string)  go card 3 
of "gems"   
   --    wait 100 milliseconds with messages  
   --    close stack oStackName   
   --    wait 100 milliseconds with messages  

versus this, where the top stack short name is already known by  ourhandler. So 
we really only need this

    go to cardOrStackObject in window oStackName

And this works on Mobile, in fact it seems a bit more responsive… 

BUT  there is a rendering failure on leaving any stack whose main control is 
the browser widget… we have "go back" icons that close the stack with the 
browser widget… and go back ot he stack that "launched'' the view web stack. 
and the whole bottom navigation group disappears.

It seems like the fullScreenMode "showAll" is only registering the width of the 
stack but now the height of the stack is now too high… and (I am guessing) the 
bottom navigation group is below screen.  This "smells" like old issue with the 
browser rect on mobile…using showAll 

This does not happen if we just (using the above code that is commented out) 
open the "new" stack and wait 100 milliseconds and *then* close the "old" 
stack.  but, as already bug reported.. this is failing to render properly also 
on some Android devices.

which leaves only option to beg/pray for resolution of this bug


BR  wrote:

    "Something is wrong"  
    This works on desktop,  but fails on iOS. Nothing happens at all. it stays 
on the same, open stack and does not navigate to/open the new stack declared in 
      put the windowID of stack oStackName into tWindowID  # current open stack 
      go to cardOrStackObject  in window tWindowID
    # where "cardOrStackObject" is a string in the form of .e.g
    # stack "gems  OR card 2 of stack "gems"  OR card "video" of stack surprise

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