When setting object layers, how do they work actually?

The documentation states the higher the number of an object, the control is 
higher than the the object it is on.

This means that in case of two objects on top of each other a mouseClick would 
go first to the object with the higher layer number, yes?

And, it seems to be that not any two objects on a card can exist with the same 
layer number, if the objects are not in the same group, right?

Now if you have objects grouped, and you ungroup them, how to keep them still 
above any other layers they are on?  For example, you have a set of game 
buttons on the board, which you initially group to move them together, and then 
you need to ungroup them, and with sequential clocks you want to make sure the 
control is with a single button instead of first hitting the playboard squares, 
how do you make sure the buttons reside on top of the board.

I have experienced that ungrouping may send the individual objects to random 

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