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Does anyone have a solution to this problem: I set the clipboard in LiveCode to 
the text of a field or variable that has returns after each line. When I paste 
that into Mac Mail, the text appears double-spaced as if it has two returns, 
but clearly there is just one (or a combination of CR and LF?). I’ve tried all 
the keys for setting the clipboard and also writing a script to delete line 
feeds, or CR characters, but nothing works. It’s either no returns, or what 
appears to be double-spaced returns.

If I paste the text first into Text Edit, then copy it, and paste into Mac Mail 
it’s fine - single line spacing. What’s LiveCode adding to each line that 
causes Mac Mail to show the pasted text as double spaced? Is there a way to 
filter/remove that?

I don't have a good way to test this, but try:

set the clipboardData to textEncode(the clipboardData,"native")

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