This is a still very basic TextEdit widget for LC 8 (8.1.5 and later).
>From several reasons I don't publish a LC 9 version of the widget.
[The widget is the 'widget version' of stack "HHTextEdit-Basic".]

It uses libbrowser and essential handlers of the browser widget source.
It has NO dependencies (i.e. no extern JS libs to download, uses vanilla
JS and CSS3 via libbrowser).

Download the zip-file from here, unzip it and locate it from the
LC Menubar > Tools > Extensions Manager using the plus at top right:

The widget has 40 properties available: Text, Filter (blur, sepia etc.)
and Transforms (rotate3D etc.). You can get/set these props by ordinary
script or in the property inspector.

The widget runs here without problems, even better than the stack
version (that uses the browser widget), on

*** Mac 10.12/Win 7+10/linux (Mint173-32bit and Ubuntu 1604-64bit) ***

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