We updated our ICD-10-CM-2018 iOS app to support the iPhone X screen
resolution and layout. As we now support the 5.8 Inch iPhone X screen, we
added 5.8 inch iPhone screen shots. On submitting the updated app version
for review we received the message below from iTunes Connect:

"The app previews and screenshots for the iPhone 5.8-Inch display won’t
appear on the App Store because your binary wasn’t built with the iOS 11

We are using LC 8.1.9 (rc 1) and Xcode 9.2. In the iOS Standalone
Application Settings we chose 'Build for iOS iPod, iPhone and iPad 10.3 or
later'. The app runs fine on the Xcode iPhone X simulator, so I assume it
was built with the iOS 11 SDK.

Any idea what is up? This presumably means that our app may not be visible
to users running iOS 11?

Looking at the info.plist of the app I see the following:



Ascriva Health Informatics 


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