A couple of years ago, I got a lot of advice on this list about code signing 
Mac apps that are not being distributed via the Mac App Store, and I got some 
of it working. Trying to revive that knowledge and working with a different 
computer, I seem to have come unstuck at stage one, which is the generation of 
a valid certificate. I am a registered Apple developer, but I don’t understand 
how I ever got a proper Certification Authority to talk to, or indeed what 
happened to the certificate(s) I had then. There doesn’t seem to be much 
relevant in my Keychain, and wading through XCode when all you know is LC is a 
bit like being taught Hungarian as a foreign language (THFL - or the 

Can anyone give me just a little clue as to how to get my cert? After that, I 
think I know how to use AppWrapper, and indeed I’ve got a nifty LC script from 
Trevor deVore that  might do the actual signing - but no certificate, no joy.

I’d appreciate any help.

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