On 1/13/18 7:04 PM, Nicolas Cueto via use-livecode wrote:
And now a new problem. The SDK and JDK paths have disappeared.

Just now installed 8.0.2, pointed it to the SDK root path that worked with
8.1.8, but got the error "chosen folder not a valid Android SDK".

And, opening 8.1.8 to confirm the SDK rooth path, the SDK field there has
become blank and the JDK path has returned to "(none)".

Why?!?  Argh!!!

I was using Java 6.x (the Apple version) until LC 8.1 where it failed. I had to install Java 1.8 to get it to work. LC shares your prefs among your installed versions, so you'd need to change the preference setting each time you switch to a different LC version.

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