ICU has character set detection. Looks like it wouldn’t be that hard to add a 
function to return either the best match or an array of encoding -> confidence. 
Perhaps dd an enhancement request if there isn’t one already.



> On 13 Feb 2018, at 1:04 pm, Paul Dupuis via use-livecode 
> <> wrote:
> It is this last case (no BOM) that a 'guessEncoding(<file>)' function is
> needed in LiveCode so those of us that make app that deal with end user
> files (which can be of variable 'type' and whose encoding is generally
> completely unknown to the user) do no have to each write our own.
> I will happily offer the guessEncoding script we wrote from common
> algorithms for this task if only LiveCode would add it to the engine. Or
> any one else that has written a guessEncoding script could offer these
> and LiveCode could pick the "best" one and add it to the engine.

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