Thanks, but for now I completely removed it and went back to the "old 
fashioned" way: three buttons in a group
side by side…catch the target. Works like a charm for this use case,  not quite 
as perfect native look and feel on devices, but still looks quite good.

Side thoughts on native look and feel… I sometimes wonder about the huge effort 
going having the entire interface be some perfect match for iOS or 
MaterialDesign. If you are trying to do a utilitarian app, that needs to fit 
that genre of apps, maybe that would be ideal; but I've even started 
deprecating the native picker and use a translucent field or buttons in a 
group, instead, for short sets of choices.

Sometimes the native look and feel doesn't "match" with the look and feel of 
the app. I also don't buy that attitude (I could be wrong) where someone 
comments that "that's not the way apple does it" -- users don't really seem to 
care and we can make it "prettier"  and users actually think that, having it 
work differently is more cool and "lovely"

Fortunately, LC makes this easy.



On 10/7/17, 5:59 AM, "use-livecode on behalf of Brian Milby via use-livecode" 
< on behalf of> wrote:

    I've posted a PR that should address this issue:
    I created a stack with a segmented control with a substack with a segmented
    control.  As you described, the hiliteChanged message was dispatched for
    both controls upon opening the stack.  In my case, I observed the substack
    message coming first and then the parent stack message.  If you would like
    assistance testing to see if the change corrects your situation, let me
    know (there should just be 2 files that need to be replaced in your DP9

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