Hi all. 

I have 3 datagrids on a card, one for vendors, one for purchase order master 
records, and a third for po detail records. That's not important now. 

What IS important is that when I attempted to do some work on the card, I 
noticed the header labels for the vendors datagrid were not displaying. 
Refreshing the datagrid does no good. Editing the columns does no good. 
Believing I have another corrupted datagrid, I saved the dgprop columns, column 
labels and widths, then deleted the Vendors datagrid, then added a new 
datagrid, then restored the rect and column properties. All is well. 

I closed the stack then opened it later. This time the PO Master datagrid had 
the same problem but the Vendors datagrid was fine! So I did the same thing 
with the PO Detail datagrid. Next time I opened the stack the vendors and po 
master datagrids were fine, but now the po detail datagrid wasn't 

Guess what happened when I fixed the PO detail datagrid????? Yup. The Vendors 
datagrid is hosed again! This has *got* to be a display bug!!!

Bob S
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