Hi Roland.

The "~" file is the original  (uncorrupted, unsaved) version of your stack
before LC executed your Save cmd. If you remove the "~" from the filename,
you'll probably find you can open that. LC creates the "~" file at the start
of the save operation and, if all goes well, removes that file when save is

My guess is your problem is rooted in the lengthy save time in the quit
routine. Here are a couple ideas of how you could deal with that:

1) Do the save within a try/catch statement so you can deal with any error. 

2) If you are just saving some user data like prefs or fairly minor stuff,
then why not save that into a separate substack outside of your main
application stack? That should greatly shorten the time it takes to save. 

Hope that helps.

Tom Bodine

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