Navigator has been updated to include:

 -- Filtering in the Stack List (both using the filter field, and the more
robust filter command).
 -- A fix for an issue where editing properties could show the editor in
HTMLtext mode, meaning that properties would be set incorrectly.
 -- A new Save All command when right-clicking on stacks, which saves the
stack itself and all the stackfile files referenced by the stack. NOTE:
this will not save any stackfiles referenced in substacks of a mainstack.
Should it?
 -- A new command Open in New Navigator when right-clicking on any set of
containers: groups, cards, or stacks -- which will open all of the
containers, each in their own copy of Navigator.
 -- I've also started work preparing to reduce the number of global
variables Navigator uses. If you check, you'll see that Navigator uses
global variables prefixed gSB, which stands for "Script Buddy," which was
Navigator's name when it was first started out *way* back when. Those
globals are going down, someday...

You can get Navigator here
<>. Or get it
from GitHub: Navigator's GitHub page <>
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