Just uploaded a LiveCode Hyphenator.
The stack uses Hyphenator.js (by M. Nater, MIT licensed) in a browser widget
with your input. It runs using LC 8/9 on Mac/ Win 7+10/ Ubuntu.

You get as plain text
1. The hyphenated text (using the selected language patterns) displayed
in a browser widget, the hyphenation based on the famous Liang-algorithm.
2. The input with the softhyphens indicated (these are editable/changeable).
3. A LC field hyphenated according to the patterns (own algorithm).

So you can use the text in a browser widget OR get hyphenated text for your
LC field (or both). The algorithms are very fast.
[Or you use the given softhyphened words to write your own algorithm ...]

The stack is made for offline use and supports currently 18 languages:
cs/ Czech, da/ Danish, de/ German, el/ Greek, en-gb/ British English,
en-us/ American English, es/ Spanish, fi/ Finnish, fr/French, hu/ Hungarian,
it/ Italian, la/ Latin, nl/ Dutch, no/ Norwegian, pl/ Polish, pt/ Portuguese,
sv/ Swedish and tr/ Turkish.

Download "Hyphenator" from "Sample Stacks"
(or http://livecodeshare.runrev.com/stack/868).

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