Another dumb question, I’m afraid. The dictionary says I can do

  put tdata into URL [some url]

well, I want to put a file on my server (in this example, it’s a text file) to 
replace one of the same name. If I just try to steamroller it by ignoring the 
existing file, I get a ‘405’ error (forbidden method, I think). If I use an FTP 
client like Transmit, I get a warning about overwriting the file and a manual 

How can I grow my own, by detecting the existing file and then overwriting it 
anyway? Should I delete the existing file as a separate operation? How can I be 
sure I have enough permission to do so?

I feel stupid asking all these questions - my only excuse is that LC has made 
it look sooo simple that I actually thought it was simple.

TIA for any advice

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