I am about to embark a mission to solve a design problem in Livecode

The model is Spotify. The channels or collections, a single screen with

1) Scrolling labels - not scrolling left with right, maintenance fixed position 
(left to right) but scrolling top to bottom.

2) "Collections" consisting square/label (think "album cover") scrolling left 
to right

3) Series of collections, that you scroll up  (or down), top to bottom

Easier if you see Spotify…
is a common user case scenario

you scroll up and down the whole area,
but the label stick their horizontal position, but will up and down

Then when user stops (scrolling up are down) they can scroll sideways to see 
the collections
------------------ GROUP(s) ---------------------

  Talk By Wizard
# stays horizontally

[wizard1]  [wizard2] [wizard3]  [wizard4] [wizard5]  [wizard6]
# each of these album covers with left and right

    Music for Alpha
alpha1]  [alpha2] [alpha3]  [alpha4] [alpha5]  [alpha6]

    Sound from the Nanosphere
[nanosphere1]  [nanosphere2] [nanosphere3]  [nanosphere4] [nanosphere5]  


I have thought about it… and wonder if it can even be done in LiveCode


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