inspired by Monte´s great, but unfortunately not available anymore, tool 
InstallGadget, i´ve created a similar tool called InstaMaker.
I very often need to create Installers for my little Windows apps and 
InstallGadget was a good friend in the past, but drag´n´drop did not work with 
newer Windows versions and other problems appeared. So i decided to built my 
own version of such a tool.

On Windows InstaMaker creates Windows Installers (based on the newest version 
of InnoSetup). You do not need to install InnoSetup separately. The needed 
parts are already included in InstaMaker. On OS X it creates simple DMG files. 
Just drag a folder which contains your program into the program window of 
InstaMaker or onto the InstaMaker Icon. InstaMaker does the rest for you.

I know there are other tools out there which do the DMG stuff much better, but 
i wanted to have a tool available which does exact the same as InstallGadget 

InstaMaker for Windows might be a good solution for the one or the other who 
wants to create a Windows Installer of a program quick and easy.

I will add code signing support the next weeks or when time allows, so that the 
Windows installer will be automatically code signed after creation. For this 
you will need a code signing certificate.

InstaMaker is free.  You can download it from its website at 
https://instamaker.dermattes.de <https://instamaker.dermattes.de/>



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