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> That tutorial is a bit outdated now that there is a “blur” command, 
> introduced in LC 8.0, it’s quicker and easier to use.
> Paul

Ah! Thank you, Paul.  That’s good to know.  I am a bit Richmondesque in my 
attachment to older versions of LC, so I have only played a little with LC 8 

To those asking why I would want to do this, the answer is to hide clinically 
sensitive information whilst making it clear that the field is completed.  It 
means that clinicians can generate an anonymised snapshot of the screen to use 
in presentations/clinical supervision.  Its a technique routinely used in 
walkthroughs or screencasts of clinical information displayed on screen.  There 
was a rather nice implementation in the ScreenSteps app from Blue Mango .

Thanks and best wishes,

David G
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