I saw your construction of two stacks displayed in a "frame", so it appeared
that two cards were simultaneously present in a single "stack".

I see what you are after; the goal being be able to navigate in each card

Why only two?

Anyway, I have never needed such a feature, but certainly see that others
might. I often open substacks (or other stacks) on screen, generally for a
particular purpose ancillary to the working stack, and close them when done.
They are in that case just a high-powered dialog box, used basically in the
same way.

I remember when HC allowed up to 16 open stacks, as opposed to just one. A
major enhancement.

A multi-visible-card stack would be useful for multimedia displays, and
likely for other purposes. It sounds like a major effort, though, addressing
the foundations of the program itself. 

Can't wait to see what comes back...


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