When I was first exposed to arrays in Foxpro, I saw them as ordered blocks of 
memory which could be addressed using integer values. Back then an array in 
memory resided in a contiguous block of memory for efficiency, and were 2 
dimensional, so a reference to an element was myArray(x,y) (if memory serves 
heh heh). I naturally saw variables as a string reference different kind of 
object in memory. I still do. Livecode therefore supports two types of 
variables in my understanding: String and Array. 

This becomes evident when you try to write either to a file. A string you can. 
An array you have to convert to a string of sorts (arrayEncode) to save it 
anywhere but in LC memory or an LC property. 

Bob S

> On Apr 3, 2018, at 02:24 , Mark Waddingham via use-livecode 
> <use-livecode@lists.runrev.com> wrote:
> P.S. Looking at this another way - I'd perhaps characterize the above as 
> arrays are not 'complete' as values in LiveCode (as in: you can't use arrays 
> in all places where you can use strings, and would still make sense), but I 
> would say they were 'first-class'. I'd suggest 'completeness as values' is a 
> more stringent requirement than 'first-class' - and is more that 'code has 
> not been written to do that' (incomplete), rather than the 'model of the 
> language disallows any notion of it being possible' (not first-class).

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