I have some students working through the LiveCode academies in class and have found an error in the first lesson (previously we have encountered issues with the Parallax Effect lesson). On the Project Setup and Splash Screen, the user is instructed to play a splashscreen video by doing the following:

play videoClip (specialfolderpath("desktop") & "/BitterRevenge/Video/Intro.mp4")

When I go to the Dictionary to search for the term videoClip I see it was introduced in 1.0, but I have to read all the way to the end of the entry to find out this was deprecated in 8.1 (and isn't indicated at the top of the entry or with a ! in the list before selecting the entry). The dictionary entry also seems to be missing bits and pieces (I thought this was a filed bug, but couldn't find it in Bugzilla) reading unintelligible like this:

The use of was deprecated in version 8.1 of LiveCode with new defaults for and as true on all systems apart from pre OS X 10.8. The Windows build of LiveCode no longer supports any features and setting the and

will have no effect. Additionally does not include 64 bit support and therefore can not be supported on OS X 64 bit builds of LiveCode.

I showed the student how to use a player object and execute the play player command as a workaround. Does this get filed as an Enhancement Request, email to support, or both?

--Andrew Bell

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