That might be possible except I've checked for that already, and also it 
doesn't fit the symptoms I've already expressed. The phrase evaluates correctly 
if the target card is the currentcard, or if I reference the object using the 
full name. It only fails (actually it returns bad value) if I reference it up 
to the card name and that card is not the top stack. 

For me this is moot since I have gotten into the habit now of referencing 
objects using their long IDs to dispel all doubt, and to avoid other naming 
conflicts, like similar cards with objects with the same names. I like having 
apps with multiple windows, and given that, full references is definitely the 
way to go. 

Bob S

> On Apr 4, 2018, at 05:39 , Randy Hengst via use-livecode 
> <> wrote:
> Bob,
> This works for me when I’m on the card with the button:
> put "btn: Set10to15" && the hilited of button "Set10to15"
> This works for me on any card in the stack:
> put "btn: Set10to15" && the hilited of button "Set10to15" of cd "GameCardHD"
> The button I’m referencing is in a group on the cd "GameCardHD" 
> Any chance you have two buttons with the same name on the card? Perhaps same 
> name, but in different groups? I ask, because I seen similar results as you 
> describe when I’ve done both of those things.
> be well,
> randy
> Randy Hengst

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