Hi Jacque

It’s a long time since I wrote to you about Zygodact, but I’m using it quite 
happily to support Art DiVito’s PointPlots app, which I know you contributed to 
some time ago.

Zygodact works well, but there are a couple of small issues. I realise this is 
all ancient history to you, but I wonder if you have any comments:

1. When the user pastes in the user name (their email address) and the licence 
code generated by Zygodact, the paste isn’t “plain text” - I suppose it’s 
whatever size and style the email which we sent to the user generates. The 
result is that often, especially on Windows for some reason, the code looks 
large and lumpy and somewhat overflows the frame of the dialog box one pastes 

2. On the Mac version, when one pastes in the code, sometimes the “register” 
button doesn’t activate (sometimes it does, but I can’t understand the 
difference between the two cases). If one presses for example the right-arrow 
key, then it does. Of course it’s trivial to explain this to users, but can you 
think why this happens?

I suppose I can solve (1) by making sure our emails - which come via FastSpring 
- are actually plain text. Would you recommend this?

Be assured that there are no show-stoppers here, but I’d like to see your 
comments, if any.

Thanks in advance

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