I am on livecode 9.0.0 app, Mac 10.13.3. I have a splash stack and several 
stacks that it loads.

I have one stack I originally named “MAP Display”. I was having troubles making 
a standalone, as the file seemed to not be found. So, I figured maybe it 
doesn’t like blanks in the stack name. So, I changed the stack name in as many 
places as I could find, to “MAPDisplay”.  When I do: “put the short name of 
this stack”, I get “MAPDisplay”, no blanks. However, in the stackfiles of the 
splash app, the name with the blank in it keeps returning. Very frustrating. 
Somehow the splash stack is keeping and refusing to part with the name with the 

This is the line containing the blank.
MAP Display,resources/datastacks/MAPDisplay.livecode

I’ve done “set the stackfiles of stack mySplashStackName to “” and added back 
in the files. Yet, the name keeps reappearing with the blank.

What the heck? 


William A. Prothero

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