This worked both iOS/Android

There was no need to copy from when web tree to documents folder.

The keys were:

1) no "file://"

2) on desktop the "resources" is the one with "lexicon.livecode"  which is 
relative the "/web" in the same directory.
But it still requires slash… in web environment slash wouldn't work, but here 
it's needed.
Because it building an absolute path from $HOME

3) on mobile this, the full path from the Standalone executable is required.

on preOpenCard
   set the rect of widget "Browser" of me to the rect of this card
     # response web app…. automatically fit any screen.
   if isMobile() then 4

                 set the url of widget "Browser" to 
(specialFolderPath("resources") & "/modules/lexicon/web/index.html")
     # desktop

                 set the url of widget "Browser" to 
(specialFolderPath("resources") & "/web/index.html")
     end if

end preOpenCard

On 4/8/18, 12:28 AM, "Alan" <> wrote:

    I find that on Android you don't use the "file:" prefix - try:
    set the url of widget "about" to (specialFolderPath("resources") & 

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