I confirmed it this morning, edit script, apply, save, close the stack,

I been building Android, so much faster than iOS.   Run standlone from the Test 

then, magically, tragically, the debugger opens showing my old script there! 

quit LC, reboot, and you script is thereā€¦ Even quitting LC doesn't preserve 
your can changes. 

Back to 8.1.9

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    This is the same issue I have been talking about for over a year. The 
standalone builder opens the *copied* stacks in memory and doesn't close them, 
so the next time you build for another platform you run into duplicate stack 
issues. This started happening around v7 I think. The workaround at present is 
to build for one platform only, and quit LC each time. I suppose you could have 
a script that purges the openStacks and unregisters any libraries (stacksInUse) 
but that would cause plugin issues, unless you accounted for those. 
    Bob S

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