First, I'm curious why you are not simpy setting the dgData to an array. But 
that aside, what is the name of your datagrid? The error is indicating there is 
no group by that name on the current card. Another thing that can throw you is 
if the stack is opened modally. Then it's not the topStack, so relative 
references will be for the currentCard of the topStack. 

In your button try:
put getParentCard(the long id of me) into tThisCard

then when you refer to your datagrid use group "dgDataDisplay" of tThisCard 
(assuming it's on the same card as the button)

Put this handler in a library or in the script of your button:

function getParentCard pObjectID
   put offset("card id", pObjectID) into tStartChar
   put char tStartChar to -1 of pObjectID into tCardID
   return tCardID
end getParentCard

Bob S

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> createTabbedDataList

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