Hi Phil,

Thanks for your input!  The data tag was working before this anomaly occurred.  
The text in the data tag is just regular text.  The font is Times New Roman.  
The text and formatting were not changed in the data tag.  I am hoping that 
someone who uses WordReport can give me insight on this problem. 

There are a few general rules in the WordReport for data tags but no 
suggestions to aid in resolving this type of problem.  Since WordReport uses 
brackets for the data tags, I am guessing that it is using merge in creating a 
Word document.  I never used merge in any of my projects.  So, this problem 
could be possibly related to merge. 

I paid Curry for the initial WordReport template.  Curry was very helpful in 
setting up the template for WordReport.  It worked on a consistent basis for a 
few days until yesterday.  I am thinking that Word for the Mac may be the 
culprit. I used Word for Mac in adding a data tag to the template.  But no 
other changes were made to the template. 

I am going to try Word for Windows today to see if this will fix the problem.  
Curry indicated that he does not think Word for the Mac is the problem, 
however.  But I am pretty sure Curry used Word for Windows in creating the data 
tags in the template.  


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