Monte:  "there is a God in LC Universe!"


I can live with that.. hopefully sooner than later. If you don’t there soon I 
will be forced to a horrible notice 

"Please turn phone"  and end of change of stacks.

Like Ralph said "using wait is madness"

(but using wait is for a different purpose. On android, acceleratedRendering, 
when you turn it in off in one stack and go another stack, you have to give the 
phone time (does not happen on iOS)  otherwise "all hell breaks loose" (snap 
shot of previous screen shot, different part of screen show different parts of 
two stack, where on earth are pixel are coming from the stack who is closed and 
the acceleratedRendering is false  -- is "magical"  … only by introducing wait 
fill work.) 


    >1) mobileSetAllowedOrientations should be just that. This should be a end
    >user rotation permissions.
    I have had a brief look at this worked out what needs to be done. Hopefully 
we can do this next sprint for 9.0.1.
    >2) Add new==> mobileSetOrientation (pOrientation,
    >pRespectDeviceOrientationLock {true|false})
    I guess rather than this we could fix #1 and ensure that all platforms 
respect the system orientation lock unless it is not in the allowed 
orientations given if you are forcing an orientation you would need to fiddle 
with allowed orientations anyway.

  Cheers Monte

Yes, agreed. I can’t  think of another use case. 

•       portrait
•       portrait upside down 
•       landscape left 
•       landscape right


portrait, portrait update down
landscape right, landscape life

should lock it in not matter how the phone is physically oriented 

and if some developer wants to play with geometry, they can "fiddle" all they 
want with:

mobileSetOrientation portrait, portrait upside down, landscape left, landscape 

NOW than said 

go  cardOrStackObject  # a landscape stack
wait 100 milliseconds with messages

close stack oStackName # portrait stack
wait 100 milliseconds with messages

I think will cause problems, unless the user turns off mobile orientation 
temporarily (HA! maybe I will try it)

So… if you can get this work

go "card 5 of  stack NewStackB" in window "OldStackA"

  -- with the orientation lock enforced, that will be ideal. 

also secondarily 

I would make a global preference 

"acceleratedRendering is to false on closing off stack"

so that we don't have keep fiddling with it all the time.
It clear that it needs to turned off.

 The new stack… whether you it on or not, is up to you. 



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