did anyone on this list try  or even is using one of my tools InstaMaker / 
WinSignHelper? It would be very nice to get any feedback.
For me both tools are working w/o problems. But maybe someone else found 
something that could be fixed, enhanced or added.

So please feel free to sent me your comments about it to
instama...@m-r-d.de <mailto:instama...@m-r-d.de>
winsignhel...@m-r-d.de <mailto:winsignhel...@m-r-d.de>

For those who have missed my announcements about the 2 tools.

InstaMaker under windows creates Windows Installers for your Livecode program.  
As a side effect  it creates DMG files under Mac OS X.
InstaMaker can be found here https://instamaker.dermattes.de 

WinSignHelper is a GUI for osslsigncode which allows you to sign your Windows 
programs under Mac OS X.
WinSignhelper can be found here https://winsignhelper.dermattes.de 


Matthias Rebbe
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