Man that sounds rough. I hope things become ok over there.


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>There are few moments in life that are more important than business and
>coding, this is one of them. All of Digital Pomegranate is our on the
>street rejecting the former president who had grabbed power after his term
>limits and has become a dictator in the former Soviet country. As you
>expect, lots of arrests and the hospitals are full. Let's just hope they
>don't start shooting as have threatened to do.
>This has been going on for 10 days now and will continue. It is now
>starting to hit the nightly news cycle, so you will see it in the next few
>days. The internet has been on and off and now the entire company is on
>streets asking for a free election and better government, so we will not
>providing support for our new widgets for a few days.
>--Todd Fabacher
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