Depending on your license level, tsNet may not be available.

I was recently looking for a way to force clear browser cache in LiveCode browser widget (still can't figure it out, even trying the "?seconds" parameter discussed on the list) and discovered the LOAD command in LiveCode. Where PUT is blocking, LOAD is not so your code should be able to proceed while waiting for a callback.

--Andrew Bell

I am transitioning some applications that were built as standalone
under? LC6.7.11 to LC 9.0.0. In most cases, the migrations are going
well with mostly appearance issues (due to different default fonts and

This week, I have encountered a functional issue. An app (stack) I have,
as part of the startup sequence, sends a message that fetches a small
text file on a server, essentially "put URL tURL into tVar". This was
working fine under LC6.7.11 with no noticeable delay on both Window
(8.1) and OSX (Mavericks). Now, when built under LC9.0.0, under OSX, the
internet action takes many seconds to respond - sometimes as much as 30
seconds or more. Nothing has changed on the OSX box. This is a pure LC6
to 9 changes issue. Testing suggests that it is the first internet call
under OSX takes a long time and then all subsequent calls are as speedy
as you would expect.

I know LC9 uses tsNet vs the old Internet library. Does tsNet take some
time to initialize under OSX? or is there some call you need to make to
pre-initialize tsNet? Anyone run into anything like this and have any
suggestions or work-arounds?

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