I have a question/small favor to ask someone that develops on Android.

When you place a browser widget on a stack and deploy to iOS, the content
inside the widget is always at native resolution.  If you use a resize
handler or the GM to position the rect and a FullScreenMode of noScale,
everything works as expected.  If you select any other FullScreenMode, then
the rect of the widget is adjust proportionally based on the mode, but the
content stays the native size (it doesn't get stretched/squished like other
native LiveCode controls).

To see this in action, you can use the MobileProfile stack I created (you
will need a splash image set for the actual size of the device for it to
work properly on iOS, not sure about Android).  The top grey circle will
show the browser widget.  The widget hides when an orientation change is

Here's a link to the stack.  I can post it elsewhere if needed.

My question is how does this work on Android?  My guess is that it would be
similar in that the content inside the browser widget would remain native
and just the LiveCode controls outside of it would get scaled.

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