I'm looking at a stack with a multi-line input field in the iOS simulator. A handler shows a group and creates a multi-line input in the correct location, but as soon as I tap into the field to type the group is hidden.

There is only one command anywhere in the stack that hides the group and it is in a keyboardDeactivated handler. But the keyboard never activates in the first place, so that handler never triggers.

Is this a simulator issue? Here are the settings for the multi-line input:

  show grp "noteEntry"
  put calcInputControlPadding(8) into tInputRect -- calcs a display rect
  mobileControlCreate "multiline","usernote"
  mobileControlSet "usernote","rect",tInputRect
  mobileControlSet "usernote","opaque",false
  mobileControlSet "usernote","visible","true"
  mobileControlSet "usernote","editable","true"
  if the platform = "iPhone" then
mobileControlSet "usernote","backgroundcolor","255,255,255,0" -- transparent
    mobileControlSet "usernote","delayTouches","true"
  end if

LC 9.0.1 (rc 1), Mac 10.13.4, XCode 9.4.1, simulator iPhone 7 (11.4).

Another issue:
If I make script changes, set breakpoints, save the stack, and test, the remote debugger triggers but the script that is shown is older and doesn't include the new changes. I have to quit and re-launch LC to debug the changes. Is there a way to force the remote debugger to recognize the altered script?

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