Hi there

I have an image B1 with a scribble made with brush tool in it.
I want to double the width of the image without distorting the scribble. 

The plan is to: 
1. select the image with select tool
2. cut the image out
3. resize the image
4. paste the image back in, in the original proportions

As script:

on mouseUp
   lock screen
   put (item 1 to 2 of rect of img B1) into K1
   put (item 3 to 4 of rect of img B1) into K2
   choose select tool
   drag from K1 to K2
   set width of img B1 to 2*(width of img B1)
   drag from K1 to K2
   choose browse tool
end mouseUp

But the script does not work. The proportions of the image after paste is as if 
the image was stretched.

This works if I cut from one image and paste into another.

It also works if I do it manually on image B1.


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