Phew -- this was a lot of work, as I basically had to (for about the ninth
time!) completely re-write a portion of the drag-and-drop code, which is by
far my least favorite part of Navigator.

Briefly, this release does three things:

1. Fixes drag-and-drop code so that it should work correctly even if: you
have folded groups; you have applied a test filter so that only some
controls are displayed; you have applied a text filter so that only some
controls are displayed.

Makes group folding much more transparent by:

2. Adding a color strip to the left side of the Navigator display that
shows where to click a group to fold/unfold it.

3. Adding a line below a folded group that says something like, "8 folded

Apart from providing a visual cue that a group has been folded, the part
that required looking at much of Navigator's code is that the line from (3)
actually represents the 8 (or whatever) controls in that group. You can
click on that one line and drag them someplace else, or modify their
properties. Etc, etc.

There's no functionality in Navigator yet to "collapse" any set of controls
other than when folding the controls in a group, but there's nothing to
prevent it I don't think. So if you have suggestions beyond just adding a
command to the Navigator pop-up menu to "fold these controls" let me know.

Making it so that any line in Navigator's display can represent any number
of controls is fundamental to much of what Navigator does, so this is
definitely an alpha release.

As usual, you can get Navigator here
<>. Or grab it
from GitHub <>.

Now on to a couple bugs that have been reported...
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