re: Algo:

It is a list of audio titles in a category on our web site. most of
which the metadata in stored local my sqlLite. The audio and been posted
since the last update to the app, is "Recent".

  It is stored in an  local variable/array with all the metadata for
each audio, but only the title shown in the field.

This user clicks the line. The mouseup returns word two of the clickline
("1" or "49") to sSelectNum
I then set the background color of that line to "hilite" it. The
behavior(s) take the sSelectNum and the magic happen .. goes to the
local variable, determine if is a audio book, song, chant, music, if is
the metadata in local dBase, or if is has to get to an API on server if
is recent etc.)..show the player and begins the audio.

But then, if user change her mind; click another line; we have to shut
down the previous operation
...stop the player, clear its url etc.  and also unhilite the line.

        set the backcolor of char 1 to - 1 of fld x to empty

Looks ideal!
On 8/23/18 9:10 AM, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode wrote:
> 2000 lines is not much.  I suspect any time spent is relating to needing 
> the redraw the field each time it's touched.  Try locking the screen at 
> the top of the handler and see if that helps.
> Also, my question about the algo itself was unaddressed.  If you can 
> describe what you want it to do I'm sure we can find an efficient solution.
> -- Richard Gaskin

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