Hi all. 

Anyone working with tree views will immediately encounter an oddity, where the 
hilitedElement returns a comma delimited list of the array keys to the clicked 
item in the tree view. A comma delimited list of keys is almost completely 
useless if you want to get the value of the actual item clicked on! If the item 
is an array, it will return that of course. 

So I wrote a little function for getting the "actual" value of the key in the 
array corresponding to the selected item. There may be another way to do this 
baked into the XML library, but I could not discern it. 

Bob S

on hiliteChanged
   -- this goes into your tree widget script
   local tElement
   put the arrayData of me into aTreeData
   put the hilitedElement of the target into tElement
   put getArrayKeyValueFromKeyList(aTreeData, tElement) into tKeyValue -- now 
you have the value
   pass hiliteChanged
end hiliteChanged

function getArrayKeyValueFromKeyList aArray, pKeyList
   -- this can go anywhere in the message path
   repeat for each item tKey in pKeyList
      put "[" & quote & tKey & quote & "] " after tArrayKey
   end repeat
   put "aArray" && tArrayKey into tArrayElement
   return value(tArrayElement)
end getArrayKeyValueFromKeyList

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