Hi All,

First, followed Keith Clarke’s thread and got a lot out of it, thank you all. 
That’s gone into my code snippets!

Now I know, the title is not technically true, if it’s 2 words, they are 
distinct and different. Maybe it’s because I’ve been banging my head against 
this and some other things too long and need to step back, but I’m having 
issues getting this all to work reliably.

I’m searching for town names in various text from a list of towns . Most names 
are one word, easy to find and count. Some names are 2 or 3 words, like East 
Hartford or West Palm Beach. Those go against distinct towns like Hartford and 
Palm Beach. Others have their names inside of other town names like Colchester 
and Chester.

"is among the words of” or "is among the trueWords of” works great to find 
single words, but only works on single words and doesn’t consider “Chester’s” 
to be ”Chester”, it isn't.

“is in” works great for finding multiple words like “East Hartford” and "West 
Palm Beach", finds “Chester” in “Chester’s” but also finds “chester” in 

At this point, I’ve been using different methods for single word towns vs 
multi-word towns and while generally effective, trying to accommodate for these 
and other oddities has made it a complete mess of code.

If someone has done something similar, or can point me in the right direction, 
it would be greatly appreciated.


Steve MacLean

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