Just uploaded a date picker widget to "Sample Stacks".
Grab it from there or download DatePicker_v107 from


This is a *sample-stack* that has also buttons to install
or remove the widget. The widget is "fat" (contains LC 8
and 9 modules), loaded will by LC only the needed module.
Both modules are of size 45 KByte, no matter how many
copies of the picker you have on your cards. The widget
incl. all resources and docs has 200 KByte on disk.

Examples in the stack:

1. Use as standard (non-popup) widget, can be grabbed.
2. Use as popup widget (a modal dialog).

For the popup you have to give at least one argument: The
date to display as "year, month, day". Optionally you can
give 33 more properties (of which 10 are colors and 8 are
styles for different parts). Especially can you
++ set english, system or custom naming,
++ start the week on saturday, sunday or monday,
++ see the lunar phase of the picked date and
++ scale the widget to 80-280% (done by affine transforms).

For the standard widget you have 36 options available
(additionally grabbing and a default pickerScale for use
in the property inspector).

The widget is free for non-commercial use.
For commercial use, please give a (small) fee to the LC
developer help fund.

Thanks to Bernd Niggemann for valuable hints and comments.
The source code is not (yet) included.

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