I'm building a cross-platform app for Mac and Windows. I store a data file
that is update by the user in specialFolderPath("Resources"). On the Mac, I
know where this is and can even view it, using the Show Package command
from the Finder.

One thing that is clear with the Mac is that this data file is encapsulated
with the app itself. If I run a separate instance of the app, the data file
is completely separate and not influenced by the data file of the first app.

This doesn't seem to be the case with Windows. I've built 3 separate
standalones in Windows and have found, to my surprise, that if I change the
data file in one of the standalones, it is reflected in the datafile of the

Somehow it seems like the data file is stored externally from the app and
that all versions have access to it (whether that is my intent or not).

I've build special versions for each platform with the command
"Put specialFolderPath("Resources") into fld "somefield" in the openstack
handler. On the Mac it gives me the full path to the application along with
"/Contents/Resources/_MacOS/". On the Windows version, the field is blank.

So where does LC store files using specialFolderPath("Resources") under
Windows? And why are they available to any app using


Howard Bornstein
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