Is there any way to intercept setProp messages for properties you *don’t* want 
to set?

I find with my poor typing skills I keep typing

Set the <NonexistentProperty> of <something>

where NonexistentProperty is a mistype of SomePropertyWhichHasASetPropHandler

and so I keep creating lots of superfluous properties for the object. Annoying 
and sometime painful to clean up.
When you are initially creating the object properties this is not a problem but 
once the structure is set up I'd like to declare “enough”, maybe with a 
LockProperties command
(come to think of it locking changes to existing properties might be useful 
too, though that can be coded into each SetProp handler)

Also, on another topic: my LiveCode windows have suddenly acquired a second 
title line, which when dragged tends to miniaturise the window and then display 
it somewhere else or at full screen, and each time a script editor window is 
opened it is moved higher up the screen until it moves under the menubar and 
becomes unusable. Looks look a system thing (Mac High Sierra) but I’ve never 
seen it before and only just changed to LC9.0.1. Any suggestions as to how to 
stop this major annoyance would be appreciated - or at least configure it if it 
really is a new LC ”feature".
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