I'll start by apologizing for my abysmal familiarity with HTTP, JSON, and URL's 
... I'm hoping someone will have pity and give me a hand!

I am trying to send a "command" to a ThingSpeak channel, which is very 
successfully receiving data from a simple little ESP8266 module.  Periodically, 
I need to clear the data from this channel.  I want to do so from LC.. NOT the 
ESP8266.  I just can't seem to "coordinate" the instructions from the 
ThingSpeak site to DELETE this data (not the channel, just the data within) 
with an LC function / code.

The link to the ThingSpeak page I am referring to is: 

but in essence, I interpret the content to assert the following:

Access the following URL: 
"https://api.thingspeak.com/channels/564256/feeds.json"; where "564256" is the 
channel I wish to clear.

Send the JSON "command": "DELETE 
                               api_key= EQKTUQQKVH83D1RE" 

                                where "EQKTUQQKVH83D1RE" is my account api-key 
for writing to the ThingSpeak channel

if successful, ThingSpeak responds with: "[]" ... an empty JSON array

In LC, I've tried the following (and several variations):

on mouseUp
   put empty into field "Output"   
   put "https://api.thingspeak.com/channels/564256/feeds.json"; into tUrl
   put "DELETE https://api.thingspeak.com/channels/564256/feeds.xml"; & return & 
"api_key=EQKTUQQKVH83D1RE" into JsonCmd
   -- Send a HTTP DELETE request
   put tsNetCustomSync(tUrl, JsonCmd, tHeader, tResponseHeaders, tResult, 
tBytes) into tData
   -- If this is not the case, we will inform the user
   put tResult into field "Output"
end mouseUp

I get a tResult of 0 (zero) ... but the data is NOT cleared.  

I have also tried the following:

on mouseUp
     put empty into field "Output"
 into tUrl 
     put "DELETE https://api.thingspeak.com/channels/564256/feeds.json"; & 
return & "api_key=EQKTUQQKVH83D1RE" into tMessage["text"]
     put ArrayToJSON(tMessage) into tMessage
     set the httpHeaders to "Content-type: application/json"
     post tMessage to url tUrl
     put it into field "Output"

end mouseUp

But that only "creates" a new entry in the channel with all of the data fields 

I'm sure it's the way in which I am trying to send the "DELETE" command but I 
just can't see how to do it correctly.

I'd be grateful for any assistance.

Douglas Ruisaard
Trilogy Software
(250) 573-3935

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