Is there a way to start/open the "Project Browser" (from the main LC Tools 
menu) using a script command for LC v8 and above?

It used to be (possibly v7 or before) that the stack retained the "state" of 
the Project Browser and would automatically display it when a stack was opened  
if the stack were saved while the Project Browser was open.  This changed with 
v8 (I think).

Anyway, although I probably should move to "Navigator", I'm very comfortable 
with the Project Browser and use it all the time.  It is very annoying to have 
to use the LC menu each time I open a stack.  Similar the ability to "choose" 
the "browse" pointer in the Tools Palette and since I am incredibly lazy, I'd 
appreciate knowing if there were a way to "automate" the display of the Project 

I can't seem to find anything related within the LC doc's (which are generally 
mainly helpful if you KNOW what you are looking for) or on the forums ... even 
looking generically for programmatic ways to call the LC menu options.

Douglas Ruisaard
Trilogy Software
(250) 573-3935

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