I am new to LC and have learned much so far but I am having an issue with
the proper scaling of my app on different size screens.  I have created the
app with the dimensions of 913 w X 636 h.  All looks great on the desktop.


When I deploy it to my 8 inch Samsung Tab A (Android)  it is ok in the
Landscape mode, with one exception.  When I go to enter data, the keyboard
covers up some of the screen that I need to enter data.  It does not scroll
up to let me get

to the field of entry.  When it is in Portrait mode I can usually see the
field but the stack only takes up about half the screen so it is very small.
When I deploy it on the Samsung S8, it is even worse in that the entire
screen is not used and therefore

it is way too small to really use it.  I would hope there is a way to take
advantage of all the screen space so as the used has a larger screen to view
and enter data.    It seems the keyboard is the same size and not scaled at


Here are the script statements that I put in my "preopenstack" of my first


set the fullscreenMode of this stack to "showAll"

put "portrait,portrait upside down,landscape left,landscape right" into

-- Function Call

mobileSetAllowedOrientations theallowed


I have also used the "exactfit", "noborder" and "soScale" options but they 

any help with suggestions or example code of how it should work would be
greatly appreciated.






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