BrowserSnapshot updated to v015:
• Removed a bug.
• Added also scrolling snapshots when the viewport is horizontally clipping.
• There is also an example for how to hide overlays (menu, chat, campaign) in
pages like (test after the page is fully loaded).

**This is now with all my tests better than using the javascript library.**

> BrowserSnapshot makes an image of the *whole* HTML content of a browser widget
> (while waiting for printToPdf from the browser widget in 9.x).
> The image may get a height of several thousands pixels.
> This is a pure LC Script solution:
> The widget is scrolled appropriate portions of the whole HTML page down and 
> right
> and a snapshot is made from these portions. Then the snapshots are merged 
> into ONE
> image of format PNG.
> Download BrowserSnapshot from "Sample Stacks" or

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