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>Bob Sneidar via 
> Thu, 20 Dec 2018 07:53:51 

>Cool. Now I haven't tried it yet, but what would REALLY be cool is if it
>aligned a group based upon the contents of another group. That may be asking
>too much though.

>The way Illustrator goes about it is it tracks all points, then indicates
>whenever points align. Not sure how you did it though.

Thanks Bob,

Actually coming to think of it it would be easiest for you to just try 

When dealing with groups try with "Select Grouped" turned on and off. When 
turned on select the members of the group and click one control as the leading 

When "Select Grouped" is turned off just select the group and drag it around 
and see how it deals with the members of the other group.

Note, the datagrid is just one group, the elements of the datagrid are not 

for your convenience

or from "user samples" from within LC

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