> Colin wrote:
> Frame rate is still a bit slow.

I left the whole "pieces part" (set backpattern of the pieces) in the
LiveCode/Emscripten part, which is up to 10 times slower than the IDE.
So there is no chance to improve this more.

You could see it only as a demo of "this is working".

In the IDE (with an invisible browser widget) we could have frame rates
up to 30 per second.

Given time I'll post this "IDE variant" too (you can then see the memory
leak of the browser widget).

> JIGSAW PUZZLE 2d-video is now updated to v_105
> • Improved speed with videos a little bit.
> • The width-menu computes now all sizes from 20 up to
> 144 that leave either width or height (or both) of the
> image/video unchanged (no cropping).
> • A video can now be paused. Then it can be continued
> (when changing piece-size any partial solution is lost).
> The links are unchanged
> (US) http://hh.on-rev.com/html5/jigsawPuzzle2d-video-9.0.2hhX.html
> or
> (EU) http://hyperhh.de/html5/jigsawPuzzle2d-video-9.0.2hhX.html

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