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> Yes, it is definitely a change in behavior.
I want to strongly disagree with your conclusion here ;-)
> This isn't the only place where the dictionary is wrong.

My 9.0.2 Dictionary quite clearly states for the property 'lockScreen'
that it was introduced and hasn't changed since version 1.0.  Which
means, as Craig said, it's exactly the same as it was in HC. The
Dictionary also clearly states:

"LiveCode keeps count of how many times the screen has been locked.
You must balance each unlock with a lock; if you lock the screen twice
and then unlock it once, the screen remains locked."

Yes it is unfortunate that that important statement doesn't appear in
the other relevant lock screen and unlock screen entries.

I'm with Herman, learnt a long long time ago to use a simple if
statement to keep the lockScreen count to 1.

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