> In 10.5, there are mysteriously named folders, with mysteriously named folders
> inside them, in "/var/folders".  Inside one of these is a folder named
> "-Caches-"; and inside that, are folders named by app.
> "com.runrev.revolution" has the cache for revBrowser running in the IDE; the
> cache for your standalone will be in a folder named by the bundle identifier
> (eg "com.mydomain.Myapp").

It's funny you bring this up, since I just figured this out tonight...

> Quite how you predict out the mysterious parts of the path between
> /var/folders and -Caches- I'm not sure; but I guess you could scan them all if
> you had to.

Ah! Here's how you do it:

  put specialFolderPath("utmp") & "/-Caches-" into tCacheFolder

After that, just add your bundle identifier! To clear the cache, simply
delete the folder...

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