To follow up on the message I just sent about using SecondLife as a virtual meeting place for SERUG (SouthEastern [US] Revolution User Group), I'd like to reiterate that this organization is open to any Revolution developers who are interested, and with some of our meetings taking place online instead of in a physical location, it's practical for anyone anywhere to join us. However, to use the SecondLife system, you do need broadband and a reasonably powerful computer.

SecondLife is a serious simulation game that is ripe for exploitation as a business tool as well as for all those people who think games are for fun. Silly people! ;-)

Accounts for SecondLife basic users cost a one-time fee of US$9.95, after a 7-day free trial. "Premium" accounts (which are required to buy "land" in SL) start at $9.95/mo or $72/yr and go up from there based on the amount of (virtual) land you own. The software is cross-platform (Mac/Win/*nix/etc.), but does require broadband as well as a lot of computer power. (See my previous message about that.)

If you already belong to SecondLife or decide to try it, and would like to join the SERUG group there, please IM me your request "in world". If you have any questions about it, or about the RL ("Real Life") SERUG group that is getting organized now, feel free to contact me, or (after Aug. 19) Ralph Forehand. Ralph will be on vacation till then, so it's better to ask me if you want a quicker answer.

Katherine "Kat" Cochrane
a.k.a. "Kat Lemieux" in SecondLife
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